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Touch off stuff? Please explain.


My torch isn't doing an actual touch off. It floats above the plate and retracts to different heights, but my DRO for both the machine coordinates and the work coordinates are changing from where they were originally zeroed.  So with the touch off, is Mach automatically zeroing itself?

When you do a touch off, you then zero your Z in work coordinates, and then retract a known distance. This helps a lot with the pierce, since a large sheet of metal can vary significantly in height due to:
* Warpage (typically in thinner metals)
* Inclines (Not laying flat across your bed
* Physical damage or splatter type debris on top of the sheet of metal.

If you were always working with thick steel plate (1/2" plus) you could probably get by without a touch off. If you are working with thinner stuff (i.e. doesn't lay flat every time all the time), I would really say that you should consider getting a touch off



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