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Do I need to power the ESS?


I see the TMC3in1 plugs directly on top of the ESS (per the manual). Do I need to power the ESS as I did when I used it stand alone?

No!  Please do not provide power to the ESS via J6!  The TMC3in1 will power the ESS through 2 pins on the expansion header.  Also do not place the jumper on the ESS’s J4 next to Port 3 when you are assembling it.  In addition, do not power the ESS through Ports 1 or 2 with a BOB.  However, you may power the BOB from the ESS/TMC3in1 if it is low current.

Once the TMC3in1 is plugged into the ESS, all power is connected to the TMC3in1. The TMC3in1 generates the correct power for the ESS.



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